A father’s love

He seemed out of place. Dressed as if he just came from the job sight, he was in blue jeans and a workman’s shirt. He looked tired and a might work worn from the day. His face was weather beaten and his hands were the gnarled hands of a working man. Further, he had a bandage right in the center of his throat, evidence of an apparent operation. He may not have been able to speak as he was never observed to do so. He appeared out of place because he was walking in the crowded food booth area of a small community fair. It was quite warm and everybody around him was in shorts, sandals, and t-shirts. He was dressed for outside labor or maybe factory work. He had a reason to be there though. Clutching to his right hand, a little wide eyed girl was his companion. No doubt his daughter, they walked hand in hand eyeing the various places that were open and inviting them to a helping of fair food.  She was of black hair and cute as a button.  This young lass would pass for four or maybe five years old and her longing for a treat from one of the booths was clearly evident. She made no outward demonstration of her desire but it was clear from the look on her face. Her tired dad though, appeared worried. He gave the impression that he was unsure whether he had enough money to satisfy his daughter’s sweet tooth. He was probably not a man of sufficient livelihood to warrant spending anything on a luxury like a funnel cake.

It was determined that, if he did not get this little girl of his something from one  of the booths, a means would be found to get the money to him (without her knowledge of course) so he could do so. By and by, he was observed getting in a line and the youngster’s yearning was satisfied. It was very, very good to see. There is a father’s satisfaction in seeing his daughter’s desire fulfilled. All father’s know it. Grandfathers know it too. The Creator put it there. Such is the love that the Father has for us.


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