On Biscuits

(NOTE: I am moving some posts from another blog site to this one. That will happen over the next few Thursdays so I can get everything in one place. So….you may have read the following already over at Smaller Indiana or Make it Rain).

I am convinced that biscuits are the “manna” that God Himself dropped out of heaven on a daily basis to feed the Israelites as they traveled from Egypt to the Holy Land all those years ago (I’ll bet they were goooood too). There’s just nothing quite like a hot, hand-squished biscuit. Of course, the really good ones are made only by southern Grandmas. Both my Grandmothers (may they rest in peace) were northern Grandmas and they just couldn’t produce the genuine article. Nope, I think it must be a genetic thing that the only really great biscuits come from southern Grandmas. Any family with a southern Grandma in residence can thank God above for such a glorious blessing. Only a southern Grandma can produce the real deal with honest to gosh buttermilk, baking soda (or is it powder?), flour, and know exactly how to get the right size and shape. Modern southern Grandmas have taken to using a biscuit cutter and that’s ok I guess. Hand-squished are every bit as good though the old-timers will tell you they taste better because Grandma squished them with her own two hands. I don’t really care. Just plop me down at the table right next to the oven, give me a big bowl of maple syrup and butter and I’ll be chopping tall cotton. Now, my dear bride is a northern girl and danged if she don’t try hard. I even went so far as to get her a book of bread recipes that included “Grandmother’s Southern Biscuits” (page 546 of Barnard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads). She does a pretty fair job of it and has gotten better since she became a Grandma a couple of years back. I do want to tell you here and now that northern women (and especially northern Grandmas) make some of the best scratch made soups you’ll find anywhere. But, you just can’t beat a southern Grandma for biscuits.

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