The Haunted House

At one time on the corner of 9th Avenue and South Avondale Street in Amarillo, Texas, there was a large mansion. It was of a Georgian style I think and was nestled behind a brick and steel fence among several old and very large trees. I never knew it to be anything but empty. There was one building set out apart that may have been an attached garage and it seemed to have had some sort of office as well. There are memories of the mansion being used at Halloween as a haunted house. I don’t think I ever went inside or, if I did, the experience was so terrifying that it has been permanently blocked from my memory. This place was, without a doubt, haunted and we just never went near it. Well, almost never.

One night we did. I think there were three or four of us who decided we wanted to see the place up close for ourselves. Of course, we had to do this tour at night though I don’t know why. Everybody knows that ghosts come out at night. We could’ve saved ourselves a lot of heartache if we had gone during the day, but no. We had to go at night.

We slipped through the fence on the 9th Avenue side of things which put a lot of trees between us and the house. It seemed like a hundred miles to the house but it was probably just a couple hundred yards. I just remember the trees were really tall and somewhat foreboding and it was REALLY dark. We decided we would approach the small building out back first though now I am not sure why. It was probably because the mansion’s windows were too high off the ground for us to look inside. The reality was we were probably just too scared. Anyway, we did see some eye level windows in the office of the out building and decided that this view would be sufficient to prove whether the mansion was haunted or not.

I got up close enough to those windows to see inside. There was no furniture at all (ghosts don’t need such things) and the floor was bare concrete with a drain in the center of the floor. There was just enough light from the moon (go figure why we went to a known haunted house without flashlights) to see a stain of some sort leading into the drain. We did not have a test kit of any sort to determine what that substance draining away was and I am not sure we cared. We made an instant decision that this was, in fact, blood from some grisly murder. I set the land speed record that night getting from that spot just outside the window to the fence some 500 miles away.  We barely outran the ghost trailing us. Lucky for us, we got to the fence and through it before he caught us. Everybody knows ghosts can’t go through fences.

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