The M&I Bank Jokes

Elsewhere on this site is a story titled The M&I Bank Girls. This story springs from that one.

Every Friday, I go to the M&I Bank on US 31 on the southside of Indianapolis (the one next to Krispy Kreme) to cash my paycheck. I show up somewhere around midday. The habit has been to have a joke for the amusement of the girls and to insure I actually get my money. It is part of my regular routine now. I keep a steady supply of jokes in my planner strictly for this one “show.” I tell a joke, they laugh (or groan), I get my money long enough to give to my wife. (Women ALWAYS have my money! Why is that!?).

The most recent Friday I came in about noon and Nichole informed me that I was almost late. I wondered what had occurred to make me tardy for an unscheduled 30 second performance. Ah! There in the corner was  a table full of cookies and all kinds of other delectable eats guaranteed to increase anybody’s waistline. I asked Stacy what occasion precipitated such a layout and was informed that this was goodies for Valentine’s Day that had been brought in by Jennifer of Paradise Bakery (everybody knows Jennifer!). A little early I thought but certainly a benefit for the husbands and boyfriends of the world who routinely forget this particular holiday (at their own peril I might add). Secretly, I was hoping it was a new addition to my “show.”

I did my one joke (never more) with the cookies as a back drop. Actually, I had to do it twice. Once at the teller’s window for Nichole and again by the cookies for Stacy & Jennifer. She had been a teller but had moved to her own office upon her promotion to personal banker. Stacy instructed me that I should stop by her office when I come in so she too can hear and approve my work.  I think I’m doing two shows now. Long as I get a cookie….

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