What in the world?

Good golly, miss molly, what happened to you?! It’s another 6:00AM visit to the Greenwood Community Center and there at the desk is Barb, one of my favorite people, looking like she’d been in a bar fight. She had a big bandage on her forehead and what appeared to be two black eyes and a couple of bruises across her cheek. I had to ask, “Did you get into a fight or something? Who “whupped” you, I asked? She laughed and let me know that she had had surgery this past week to have a spot on her forehead removed and the bruises were part of the results. I asked her if the docs maybe mugged her while she was under. She did not think so, she said. Another gentleman who had been listening in weighed in that he thought she had, indeed, been in a fight somewhere. She assured us again that she had not. I cannot imagine Barb getting in a fight so I accepted her story. If she did, I would bet the other party is in far worse shape. You just have to know Barb works with Mike (I am told they actually grew up together) and I imagine that has made her a pretty tough hombre. Regular visitors to the community center will know that Mike is the muscle and Barb the enforcer. They are good at what they do and their presence is one of the reasons why the Greenwood Community Center is such a great place. The place would not be the same without those two (and a few others).

Well, I finally settled that dispute with Barb (I came away unscathed) and headed on upstairs to my workout. Yup, the four men who are always there were already at it. I think they have their own private stationery cycles as I have never seen them on any other machine. I’m going to sneak in one of these days and see which storage closet they live in. I just know they do.

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