Cancer has a name

On January 13th, my bride  was diagnosed with cancer.  She just turned 53 this month and we had just had our 31st anniversary on the 12th.

Up until now, cancer was something that other people got. I lost an Aunt to it in 1965 and my Dad died from cancer in 2004. I am not completely unfamiliar with it but I was and am completely unprepared to deal with this one. Outside of my biological family, I have known Karen longer than anybody else. She is my pride and joy and the only woman that I have ever loved. Or will love.

I do not know what is coming next. There is some encouragement in the knowledge that this type of cancer is treatable and it was caught early. Regardless of that fact, cancer will be a part of our lives for the duration. Our lives will be re-arranged by it to what extent I do not yet know.

This type of life change does require that priorities have to be examined. It also begs the question in what or who do I put my trust. As for me and my house, we will trust my Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus. So….as we work through this, you will forgive me when I occasionally drift from my normal stories and write about this. Let’s call it my own therapy. Thanks


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