A Brief Update

Cancer has a way of rearranging one’s life. It has had that effect on this household. There has been zero time to write for starters which is why this site has been quiet for the past week or so. For those of you who pass by here routinely, here is a brief update on Karen’s new fight with cancer:

Karen has been studying and meeting with the Docs in the drive to formulate  a plan of attack. She is much more thorough than me and I am glad she is. She will make a wise decision. She faces surgery and some recovery time. All involved in this process are highly optimistic for her long term health. I hope so. I don’t cook very well and would certainly starve to death without her. I’m also a bit messy. Anyway, she will have her surgery sometime this month. That’s about all I can tell you until the final pathology report comes in. 

I am confident that God will bring her through this. We remain reliant on Him for our strength and hope.  I’ll keep you posted and, I promise, there are several more stories from the fields in Amarillo.


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