It is amazing how something like invasive  intraductal carcinoma, better known as breast cancer, can change everything. Such has been the case these past 2 1/2 weeks. My Karen has been reading and formulating her plan of attack while I have tried to keep things on as even a keel as I can. Creative writing, such as it is, has suffered as a result as has the quiet time to think and create from which that writing comes.  It has been hard to stay focused on anything beyond the immediate need to be supportive of my bride. That, I think, is the way it should and must be. The fields of Amarillo can wait.

Life has to continue though and I want to make a note here of stories that are in the proverbial cauldron. There were a total of five fields that were within easy walking distance of our house on Hall Street. You have heard a couple of stories from a few of them. Here to whet your appetite (I hope) is a short list of stories coming:

  • The haunted house that was between two fields behind Lyndon’s and Rusty’s house. Much scarier than the house on Avondale mentioned elsewhere in this blog.
  • The field where we built our own baseball field, complete with a backstop made of junk. The parents wrecked it for us.
  • The strange circle of trees on the far end of the biggest field.
  • The chase!

I would also like to tell you that yours truly is working on a keynote speech on these very stories. From that and several other stories that will dredge themselves out of my head, I hope to have something resembling a book. We shall see.

So, there it is. To update: Karen will schedule her surgery tomorrow and is hoping to have it done yet this month. Those of you who are given to prayer, I would be forever grateful if you would commend my Karen to God as you do so.

2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Scott,

    Sometimes I am a little slow in keeping up with friends. I just read your comments on Karen. I hope all is progressing well for both of you and everything is scheduled by now. My prayers will be with you and Karen as you deal with what God has handed you. Let me know if you need anything.


  2. Thanks, John. She will have surgery on March 2nd. Thanks for the prayers. That is the best thing we need right now.

    I see you are running for office this year. Very cool. Good luck.

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