NOT a paid political announcement

(NOTE: This is not a paid political announcement. It was not paid for by any committee to elect or re-elect anybody for any office anywhere around here. Campaign contributions are limited to $2,400.00 per individuals, per election cycle. Further, they are not tax deductible for income tax purposes. Contributions from corporations and foreign nationals are not allowed. There’s nowhere to send it to anyway.  Finally, nobody approved of this message).

It is primary election time here in the great state of Indiana. Of course, you know what that means. Everybody who is anybody comes out of the woodwork to run for everything from a seat in Congress to the local trustee of something or other. They used to elect the dog catcher too but they quit that some years ago. With so many people running for office (there are 13 alone running for our local Congressional seat), there is a sea of yard signs up and down practically every street in the county. It’s a wonder anybody can see where they’re going with all the signs.

Well, I was driving down Main Street the other day. Anyplace on Main that has an accessible patch of grass has a yard sign stuck in it. Such is the competition for space that there are rumors of certain “parties” going about late at night and moving signs around and sometimes even throwing them out altogether. It’s very sad. Like I said, I was driving along and looking at signs when one of the names on a sign jumped out at me. It was a fellow named John (last name omitted on the idea he may not want his name attached to this website). John was running for a position on a local board. I wasn’t real sure it was the John that I knew so I just figured I would call him direct and ask him. That’s just what I did too. “John” I said when he answered his phone, “I saw a yard sign that said that you are running for the board. Is that true, John?” He was quick to reply, “Why, yes, it is me and I would appreciate your vote on May 4th.” I thought about it for a minute and said, “John, you can’t run for office.” Upon hearing this, John launched into his “campaign speech” complete with all of his qualifications and reasons why he needs and should be on the board. He ended up asking why I thought he should not run for office. “Well, John, you’re not corrupt,” I said. “It’ll ruin you but, if you really want to run for the board, of course, I’ll vote for you and I’ll talk to my family about voting for you too.” He chuckled and thanked me for the support.

You know, he didn’t offer to pay me or anything. That’s a good sign. You know what else? I’m not going to charge him either.


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