It’s one of those days…or is it?

It’s one of those days – or is it?

This is one of those days when everything is wrong. I just feel like complaining and I could certainly conjure up a couple dozen reasons why this is a lousy day. Let’s see…

My day job is not going all that well. Both of my cars are getting long in the tooth and need replacing. I need a new roof and, a new furnace. My youngest has to have his wisdom teeth pulled AND my wife needs new glasses.

I had to PAY federal income tax this year. Again. Don’t get me started on that. There’s a willow tree in my back yard that dumps a mess on my grass everyday and leaves it for me to pick up. I have two other trees I want to get rid of but NOOOOO. The neighborhood birds decided to put nests there and then had the temerity to lay eggs. How inconsiderate.

I have two TV’s and neither of them works. I borrowed my son’s. The car leaks oil onto my driveway and garage floor just to torment me. I have the only oil stained driveway on the block. On top of all this, my feet hurt. Oh, and I have arthritis in my hands now. Wah, wah, wah, it’s a lousy day. Or is it….

I have a job and have had one throughout the economic downturn. I have not known unemployment since 1996 and that was for a very short time. My cars are getting old but they are paid for. My roof and furnace are old too but still work. We are warm and dry. In short, I have a home.  I have known the joy of being Karen’s husband for 31+ years now. She is a cancer survivor and my soul mate. I myself am in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in. All three of our kids are healthy and productive members of society. I have a granddaughter that I’m nuts about. I have friends around me that I care deeply for.

I can get up and get something to eat anytime I want. Water is plentiful and immediately available. I have never known hunger.

I had the privilege of wearing my country’s uniform for almost twenty-two years. I would not trade those times and memories for anything.

There is an awful lot to be thankful for. God has been good to me. In view of all that, I am a lucky and blessed man. Last but certainly not least, I have a few readers here like you. Thanks for stopping by.

As an old “beverage” commercial used to say, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” That, my friend, is a fact.


2 thoughts on “It’s one of those days…or is it?

  1. Awesome Scott. It is a great feeling to wake up and hear the birds sing, see the dew on the grass and smell the freshness of the air. Every day is a new dawn and God has given us a blank slate to create what ever we desire. Thanks for being a great inspiration and friend.
    Yours truly,
    Rich Grant

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