Goose goose duck

Canada Geese are a pain in the neck, aren’t they? Case in point: I arrived at work the other day to find three of these creatures loitering outside of the small office building where I work (my boss might say I’m the loitering one). They were hanging out like they owned the place or something. They would if they had a nest or had goslings nearby. It is an incontestable commandment forever written in stone somewhere that one never ever bothers an adult goose who is found either 1) near their nest or 2) with their goslings. They can administer a terrible “whuppin” on anybody with those big wings. I don’t care how big and bad you think you are – you will not be able to fend off an angry and protective Canada Goose.  Probably can’t outrun one either. Well, I digress…

There were three Geese hanging out in front of my office. They were ignoring me (or so it seemed) and appeared to be arguing amongst themselves. One would duck his head down and chase the other two, all the while squawking and carrying on. The other two would run off a bit and just stop and stare at the angry one. Then, another one of them would get mad and chase the other two off. They did this back and forth between themselves for quite awhile. None of it made a lick of sense to me. I don’t speak “goose” but it seemed to me there was some sort of territorial squabble going on. I don’t really know how geese set up things between themselves. They never did settle the argument and finally waddled away. My guess is they were fighting over whether to whup me or wait for another target.  I’ll never know.  Nor do I wish to.

Then there’s the mess. Holy smokes, they can make a mess out of a parking lot. There was one of the ladies in our building who decided it would be kind of cute to feed them out of the side door. She might as well put out an “Eat at Joe’s” sign.  They have their own news network I think. It was a day or two after the first culinary adventure that the entire Canada goose nation showed up and they brought their families. That wasn’t enough because the neighborhood ducks found out and they showed up too! It was like an airport. We could not use that door for a week after we stopped. It took them that long to figure out that “bird mart” had closed. Oh…and the mess. Yikes! I won’t try to describe what they left behind. They don’t pick up after themselves at all. They are about as bad as a teenager. Well, maybe not.

I did get chased by a goose once. Seems I parked my truck a might too close to her nest. I managed to get into the truck before she got into me. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


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