Open House

We had our open house today to celebrate our youngest son’s graduation from High School. It was a great time with many of our friends stopping by. We enjoyed lots of laughs and good food.  I have no doubt that I am heavier today from the event.

Now, what I want to tell you about is the amazement and wonder of a little girl that was there. She is, I think, nine and the oldest of four daughters of good friends. She has a highly inquisitive  mind and is not afraid to ask questions. I have two sizeable strawberry patches in my backyard and she was fascinated by them largely, I think, because they were full of ripe strawberries. She asked me if she could pick some so I sat down with her in the patch. Together, we found a cup full of strawberries that I told her she could take home with her. She was so excited to pick her very own strawberries! I showed her how to know when one is ripe and she could not wait to show her Mom what she picked! She then informed me that she intended to keep these for tomorrow’s breakfast. I thought that a fine idea and said so. For a time, life was joyful fulfillment for a little girl with a cupful of strawberries.

She came back a few minutes later and asked me if she should share them with her sisters. I told her she could do whatever she wanted with them as she herself picked them and they were hers. That seemed to satisfy her and off she went. They went home, Mom, Dad, and four little daughters. The eldest proudly carried off her prize strawberries. I have no doubt the strawberries will be the center of attention tomorrow at breakfast.

I think sometimes we adults have forgotten the amazement of the simpler things in life. Maybe we ought to take a new look at things around us. It is a gift from God that I am able to walk out my back door and pick something fresh to eat and share it with others. Take that same gift and add to it the wonderment of a young mind discovering things we adults take for granted. What an amazing encounter. I wish I could convey the excitement of this little girl as she examined each strawberry to make sure it was ready to eat.

What a gift nature is to us. The same God that made strawberries made this little girl. This same God made all of creation and gives it as a gift to us. Enjoy!


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