Soncy Road

Back in the 60’s, Soncy Road in Amarillo, Texas, was at the very furthest west end of one of the fields we played in when I was a little boy. Today, it’s a build up area and very busy. Back then, it was an empty farm-to-market road.  It was very far for us to go at that time so we did not get there very often. It was also close by a circular area of trees that we knew to be a UFO landing site. We certainly did not want to be abducted by aliens, so we generally avoided the area around Soncy Road. Until…

I happened to go through there in a car one night with my brother. I noticed there were several cars parked out there at various places. They had people inside too but they did not appear to be doing much. My brother was six years older than me so I asked him what they were up to. “They just come out here to talk about different things,” he said. I asked what different things did they talk about but he never answered me. When we got home, I went and told the neighborhood fellows about it. We decided that we would risk alien abduction and go have a look for ourselves.

The following Saturday evening, we met at my house right after supper and headed out on our mission. We made absolutely sure that we avoided the UFO site as it was after dark and they would be landing soon. We located a ditch that ran alongside Soncy Road and, sure as God made little green apples,  the cars were there . I don’t remember exactly how many were out there, but there had to have been four or five and they were far apart from one another. There was four of us so we decided we would split up and check on each car.

Well, we did split up and each made his way to spy on a car. When I got to the car I wanted to see inside of, I couldn’t! Dang it! The windows were all fogged up! All I could make out was the figure of two people just sitting there. They were sitting right smack dab next to one another and I did manage to figure out one was a girl and the other was a guy.

About the time I settled in to see what these two shadows were going to do, a police car showed up! The police pulled up right behind the car I was watching and the rest of the cars started up their motors and left right quick. Well, they got those two out of their car and started talking to them. I don’t know what they said to them. I was too busy running. I just knew that we were going to catch it if the cops got hold of us. I caught the rest of the guys (all of whom reported the same steamed over windows in the cars they were looking at) and we let out for home.

We never did figure out what they were doing out there in those cars.

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