I hate it when that happens…

You know the little guy (or gal as the case may be) in your head that pulls all the levers and pushes all the buttons so that you will do and say stuff at the right time? Ever notice how he sometimes decides to quit just when you need him? He has been doing that to me a little more often that I’d like here lately.

I was at work the other day and needed to call a vendor. Picked up the phone and dialed his number. At the second ring, the little guy in my head left for coffee. Suddenly, I have no idea who I just called. He answers at the third ring.

“Hello,” he says. (who did I just call?) “Hi,” I retorted.  Long silence while I am looking for my internal self to tell me just who the heck I am talking to here. (what?! He’s gone to the snack bar!?). “So, how are you,” I ask? “I’m fine, what’s up with you?” says the still unknown voice on the phone. (Where is that bozo?! I’m trying to work here! – I give up). “Ok, so why did I call?” I tried to make a joke about not knowing who he was. “You don’t know who you just called do you?” he said. Just then, the little punk shows up and tells me this is Brad I am talking to. “Oh, I know who this is. I’m just messing with you.”  Brad knew I was lieing but did not let on. The little guy in my head laughed at me. Punk. I fixed him later that day though. I had to go to another building at work so I called over to the receptionist and told her what I was going to do when I got there. I further instructed her that I would be stopping by when I got there and she was to tell me what I was doing there in the event the little guy leaves for coffee again.

I showed him.


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