Bank Turtles?

I have written about my bank here a few times. They are almost always a good source for a story idea. They did not let me down this week.

I drive by there every day on the way to work. On a recent Friday, they had put two tents up out front and a banner announcing that games and food were to be had at the hours between 10:30 and 1:00 or so. I go to the bank every Friday so I made a mental note to make sure I stopped in during that time as I make it a point never to turn down free food.

Well, I got there about noon and, as announced, they had pizza to give away and various games to play between the tents and under the awning over one of the drive through lanes. Now, get this picture. Under the awning is what appears to be a couple of gambling tables. One was a dice game and the other was a card table (black jack I think). Each table was manned by people who had dressed the part of people who run these kinds of games. The tables had no guests save a security guard who was obviously there to keep things honest.  Hmmm. I wondered to myself how much money the “house” would let them use. Well, it was not gambling for money anyway, as it turns out. I moved on along across the parking lot where there was face painting and a couple of games to play along with (and the reason I came) stacks of pizza and cold drinks.

Sheila and Nichole were stuck inside doing teller stuff and Leslie, Brandon,  and Alyssa were out “playing.” There were a couple of other employees there handing out pizza and drinks. I, of course, took advantage of the free food and stood by for a few minutes to observe the activities. A couple of kids were getting their faces painted and looked to be having a grand time. I declined an invitation to have my own face decorated on the excuse that I had to work and our company had an express policy against painted employees.  There was, oddly enough, one of those kiddy pools set out in front of the face painting tent. You know the kind? They’re the hard plastic pools for toddlers with decals of animated animals (you know, smiling whales and oh so happy little fish – how come there are never any decals of  large, smiling snakes on those pools?) all over. It had about three or four inches of water in it. I decided that this was a tank for kids to wash off the paint from their faces. I thought that a plausible explanation until I noticed the pool was occupied. It seems that a couple of Painted Turtles had taken up residence in the pool and were busy making the place feel like home. Well, it seemed that’s what they were doing. Leslie and Alyssa were keeping watch so who knows. Maybe they were trying to escape.

I will never understand the connection between a bank and turtles….a bank and a goose yes, a pig (as in piggy bank), maybe, but never a turtle. I was afraid to ask….


2 thoughts on “Bank Turtles?

    • There is the goose that lays the golden egg and the piggy bank. Kind of reminds me of M&I. Thanks for reading!!

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