WARNING!! This is a rant!!

I have to confess that I am angry. This is 2010 and, you’d think by now, strong arm and hi-pressure sales tactics would be gone forever. I guess I live in a cave.

I had the unfortunate “opportunity” recently to have to interact with two of the most hi-pressure salesman I’ve ever encountered. In retrospect, I would have been better off meeting a grizzly bear and her cubs than have to deal with these two.

Propriety does not allow me to reveal the name of the organization or the names of the two ruffians who accosted me and my youngest son. Let us leave it to say that the organization is very large and is always recruiting for new members. Their need for new members is such that virtually any and every town in the land has somebody from their organization in residence. They are world wide.

My son and I were examining the possibility of him becoming a member. I am a former member myself but am now too old for them. This bunch prefers the younger set for their membership. Well, first they promised my son a great membership package with all kinds of opportunities. My youngest wanted a very specific membership package that they did not want to give him. That’s when things got ugly.

The first salesman told my son that today was the day of decision and he was going to have to make a decision one way or the other. “I really don’t care what you do,” he said.“Don’t worry about the package, either” he continued. “It does not matter because you will have all these benefits.” My son stood his ground. Then the salesman came to me and said that, “If your son is only here for the money, I don’t want him in my program.” (See the hypocrisy?). I told him to talk to my son. That’s when he brought in the second salesman. That one was by phone only. He called and told my son that if he did not make a decision today, he would remove him from the program. Again, my son stood his ground and said, “How can I be thrown out of a program that I have not joined.” That made the salesmen mad. He then called me and appealed to me as a former member. I told him to talk to my son. He kept talking to me in an appeal to my sense of camaraderie. He then made a bunch of promises about what he would personally do to make sure my youngest would get everything he wanted and that I should trust him (kind of felt like buying a car). I told him to put everything in writing and he and I would talk it over.

We have yet to hear from him. Probably won’t either. I hope I can sell those guys a car someday. That would be fun, don’t you think?

There. I feel better now.


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