Some really short courtship stories

-When I first met my future wife, I was carrying two cameras around my neck. She asked me if I liked to take pictures. I told her “No, I carry these around for my health.” Nice start, huh?

-She and I were in the Army at the same time when we met. She was in a Signal unit (kind of like a phone company) and I was in the Field Artillery (kind of like the ape house at the zoo). She was told to avoid us as we were all animals. True statement that she, fortunately, ignored. Guess that makes her an animal trainer.

-During our courtship, we went to the Octoberfest in Munich (we were stationed in Augsburg about 35 miles away). We are not, and never have been big beer drinkers so let’s settle that now. Anyway, I took a picture of her holding a liter of beer in a glass stein. As I took it, she blinked. The result was she looked less than sober, though it was the first glass and she had not taken the first swallow. I don’t think she finished it actually. Oddly, that picture mysteriously disappeared years ago.

-My future bride lived on the second floor of her barracks (dormitories for you civilians) across the street from me. One late night, my roommate and I stood outside her barracks window and sang “Raindrops keep falling on my head.” I really don’t know why. Leave it to say that we had been celebrating our recent return from training exercises. We sang and it was then that I decided (and so told my roommate) that this was the girl that I intended to marry. For some strange reason, she never did come to the window and, to this day, does not remember the event. All that work for nothing.

-There was another time that her unit had to go to the rifle range. They were given a bus to ride in and sack lunches. We went out to the rifle range a couple of weeks later. They tossed us into the back of a cargo truck and gave us all C-rations. No wonder they called us animals.

-I am Texan and my bride is from Seattle. I did not meet her extended family until a few years ago. That branch of the family is up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. First time they met me, they asked her if she’d married a hillbilly. Don’t know what she told them.

Thirty one years later and she is still with me. Whether she thinks I’m still an animal is unknown to me. I’m not asking.


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