The leak

In my never ending efforts to be a good husband, I have always attempted, insofar as my budget will allow, to give my bride the very best of whatever she wants. In that motivation, I bought a very nice (and very expensive) faucet for the kitchen not long ago. You know the kind. It has a real long and tall curved faucet with a spray nozzle right next to it. For faucets, it’s pretty much as slick as one can get. We’ve had it a year or so and the wife still comments on its fine quality.

Then it started to leak.

She brought the leak to my attention after work one day just as I was perusing the abnormally high water bill that had just come in that day’s mail. “No problem,” I said. A quick trip to the local hardware store and that’ll be that. Sometimes, though, even the simplest jobs can turn into a nightmare. I went to one, two, three, four, five, SIX hardware stores. I bought two complete aerators, none of which worked and thus required a seventh and eighth trip to get my money back. On my sixth trip, I went to a store that had originally opened in 1928. This store was reputed to have anything and everything you could possibly want or need. “If I don’t have it, you don’t need it” was the response I got from the proprietor of the store as he reached back into some dark corner and produced the washer that I had travelled the length and breadth of the county to find. As a side note, I was tempted to ask if he had been with the store since its opening but decided not to as he was considerably larger than me, and, he knew how to sharpen saws and knives.

 Well, I took this one washer that the fellow at the sixth store gave me and, with great fanfare, installed it to absolutely no avail. It was now an even worse leak.  I went to the manufacturer’s website to complain. It referred me to its local dealer who happened to be the fourth store that I visited. I went back there yet again (this was the third trip to this store after returning the original aerator for a refund) only to find this otherwise fine store does NOT carry repair parts for the brand of faucet that I own. That fact proved true at every hardware store that I visited.

As I write, the washer that I bought at the depression-era hardware store is in its place in the aerator. Sometimes it leaks and sometimes it does not. It sure does look nice though. Irritating thing.

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