Well, sort of. I am moving this website to a new host within the next few days. With my luck , something will most assuredly go wrong and this website will crash. So, if this thing goes away suddenly, well, you know what happened.

Now, I am working on something that I think is pretty cool. I was asked to give a one-hour presentation on The Great Depression. It will be in September. I’ve done a fair amount of reading on the subject and it has been, oh gosh, what’s the word I’m looking for? Wisdom? Yes, that works. There is a lot of material written by the people that lived through that time. I was amazed by two things. 1) They were tough! Much tougher than we are today. They found a way to survive without resorting to crime (for the most part) and 2) They really understood the need for, and strength of, families. In account after account, they relied on thier families to survive, regardless of distance.

Thus far, I have come away from my reading thinking I’ve got it pretty good. This economy isn’t all that hot and, for some, it probably feels very much like a depression. Perhaps for some, it is. For me, I have managed to stay employed throughout my entire life and have never known what it is to look for a job when there isn’t one to be found. The more I read about the people of the Depression the more impressed I am with them.

Think on this: the generation that was born about 1900 is the generation that fought World War I. They came back from that “war to end all wars,” and rebuilt America. They married  and raised families that suffered terribly through The Great Depression. They then watched as their children left to fight World War II. They called the WWII generation the greatest generation and, yes, it was.  I submit to you that the WWI generation was the toughest.

So, if during the next couple of weeks, I tend to drift towards the Depression, that’s why.


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