The first time

                Her name was Krista. She was two years older than me and she had a sister named Kim who was a year older. Krista was a classmate of my sister. As it happened, both families went to the same church and both parents were good friends. Krista had long jet-black hair and Kim was a honey blonde. Both were as pretty and down right good looking as anybody could be. Probably should have been illegal to be as cute as these two were. They could make men write bad checks. Anyway…

                Well, our parents went to their house one evening for dinner and to watch Tom Landry’s Cowboys beat up on some hapless victim. My sister and I went along.  I was about fifteen at the time. I was in the den watching the game when Kim came looking for me. “Krista wants to talk to you,” she said and I followed. (Who in their right mind would decline to follow Kim and get to see Krista? Just watching Kim walk was, oh, I don’t know, really, I can’t put it into words. On top of that, KRISTA wanted to talk to ME! ) Off we went down the hall to Krista’s room. I would be in the same room at the same time with Krista AND Kim? Have I died and gone to heaven? When I got there, I found my sister and Kim, of course, but no Krista. My sister left the room and Kim said, “Krista needs your help in the closet.” What the heck is Krista doing in the closet,” I said to myself (I was not very smart back then).

                I stepped into the closet. It was not a walk-in closet. The doors were sliding doors and they shut as soon as I stepped inside. I felt Krista’s arm around my waist and, in a low voice, she instructed me to put my arms around her “like I meant it.” Well, I did the best I could to impress her with my hugging ability and I think I did pretty good because she kissed me. She did, right smack dab on the mouth and everything! She even kissed me a second time and maybe a third time.

                Well, I left the closet rather slowly after that and headed back up to see what the Cowboys were up to. You know, I never gave any thought to the fact that I was in the closet kissing on a really pretty girl in HER bedroom while her father sat not fifteen feet away. He was a World War II veteran too so I am sure he would’ve had no qualms about killing me. My father was in there too. He probably would have held me down while Krista’s father loaded his gun. No, none of that dawned on me. Like I said, I wasn’t real smart back then.

                I sat there watching the Cowboys play when my sister came into the room. I was needed in the bedroom yet again, only this time it was Kim that wanted to “talk” to me. I dutifully responded. That closet sure was handy.

                What a great night. Good thing I didn’t have a checkbook back then.

True story.

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