I was recently out of commission for about a week recovering from surgery. I did not tell too many people that I was going under the knife largely because it was the kind of surgery one does not talk about in polite company. Happily, it was a success. I do have to admit that the aftermath has been a lot less fun that I thought. I am glad it is over and life goes on. I’ll never do that again… (My surgeon predicted that I would not like him for the first three days afterwards. He was right).

                The cool thing about my temporary predicament was the nice things that a few people did for me whilst I was recuperating and that’s what I want to tell you about today.

                One of my co-workers did some of my business this week and asked nothing in return for his time. As I know he is exceedingly busy, I am appreciative of his taking the time to help my customers when I was unable to. He did so on a couple of issues. A good co-worker is hard to find. (Don’t get a big head on me!).

                Another co-worker, with whom I have a passing acquaintance, took the time to send me a goofy card. That may seem small to some but, in this hectic world we live in, it is a nice touch when people let you know they are thinking of you.

                Yesterday though, made my day. I hobbled out to get the mail and there was a card addressed to me. I don’t get cards in the mail very often so this was kind of cool. The return address was “Your M&I Bank Girls!” This is the bank I have used for years and they had heard from my wife that I was out of sorts (there are a couple of stories about them within this blog). It was indeed a get well card with the following verse:

You are feeling down

And so are we

Because you’re not around

Stop being sick

And get better real quick

We miss our favorite feller

Cause he’s the best joke teller.

                Well, now, this just made my day. It was signed by Nichole, Alyssa, Leslie, Sheila, and the security guard Chris. A side note, Chris signed as “Top Flight Security Chris” so as to make sure I would not confuse him with the bank girls (don’t worry Chris – I didn’t).

                Yes, I know this stuff would appear to be minor but, to me, it was not. We would all do well to reach out a little more purposely to one another. It just might make for a little less hostile world.

                Thanks ya’ll!!

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