This was one of those weeks when I could not  for the life of me find anything appropriate to write about. I tried to write about almost hitting a deer but it came out too cheesy. Even I have my cheese limits. Then I tried to write about the removal of a large willow tree and a Bradford pear that has been in residence in my back yard some eighteen years.  That was an interesting event but I cannot produce five hundred words about it (at least, not in my present mood). Then there was the field mouse that I spotted in my garden the other morning. I think they have too much coffee in the morning. He was running around like he had too much of something in him. I got tired watching him. I thought about turning my cat loose on him but he would just drag the mouse inside and give it to me as a “present.”

                Well, now, my youngest son came home from college. All he did was study all weekend and empty my refrigerator (he’s real good at that). My older son came home too and finished off whatever food the other one left behind. I swear they are part piranha.

                I did have my five year old granddaughter for the weekend. I took her to a local farm so she could learn about milk cows. What she did learn was that cows are icky and smell bad. She did learn to play corn hole (a good skill to have in these here parts). I learned that my sinuses would never have tolerated me being a farmer.

                It’s a tough week to write. We did get rain this week. First rain we’ve had in most of the summer. It was too late for my garden though.  Out of eight hundred square feet, I managed to get four acorn squash, a handful of beans, and six ears of corn. I’ll dig potatoes this weekend. I am not hopeful. I told you farming would be a bad career decision for me.

                There was just not a whole lot to write about. I suppose I could write about politics but, shoot, everybody writes about politics. There’s too much hot air around here as it is. Forget that.

                I could fuss and carry on about a group uptown that threw a fit with a business who would not fill their order for something to eat. Seems the business did not like this bunch and told them they did not want to do business with them. That hurt the other group’s feelings so they pitched a fit about it. It makes no sense to me when they could’ve just gone somewhere else. It was much ado about nothing.

                See, I told you there wasn’t much to write about.

2 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. Well I am somewhat releaved you had nothing to write about since I was not much in the mood for reading about anything specific so it was refreshing to read about nothing specific.

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