An excerpt

(NOTE: I am at the halfway point in the NaNoWriMo project – 25,004 words. In celebration, here is an excerpt from the novel “When Girls Had Cooties”)

            We were out there one day having a great time. There was the five of us and some other kids from another neighborhood. We were just goofing off when somebody out of the blue threw a horseradish and smacked Mark right across the mouth. That meant war and also meant we had not picked out sides. It was every man for himself! I ran behind a horseradish tree only to find Mark there nursing his wound. We decided to team up. He did not know who hit him but we decided that we were going to get Steve for it regardless of who actually did it. The fact that we could see, and therefore hit, Steve made it an easy decision. I had a great big horseradish and nailed him right in the back of the head with it. Pow!! Steve doubled over and grabbed his head. He looked around to see who had hit him but we had ducked away. He did see Garry however, so he went after him. So, now all three of us were trying to get Garry. Lyndon, Randy, and a couple of other kids were attacking us and had us trapped. I told Mark I would run around the other side of the barn and come up behind them and surprise them. I gathered up a handful of clods and horseradishes and took off at a dead sprint. I ran around the back of the barn laughing my butt off at what I was about to do. Just as I turned the corner at the edge of that barn, I ran right smack dab into a stupid turkey. I tried to jump out of his way but he came after me….you ever been wing whupped buy a giant turkey? He like to beat me half to death. I could not get away and, boy, he could run fast. He ran me down and knocked me to the ground and whupped on me something terrible. I really thought I was going to die. I screamed for help and everybody on the field came running. Try as they might to run that mean old turkey off, they couldn’t do it. They threw clods and horseradishes at him and tried to scare him. That trashy thing was gonna end my life one way or the other.

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