The Law of the Guest Bathroom

                  Somebody posted a question on the web the other day regarding the reasoning behind placing hand towels in one’s downstairs bathroom and then not allowing anybody to use them. This particular writer had stated that his bride was in the habit of placing very fancy hand towels in the bathroom usually reserved for guests.  Furthermore, and in no uncertain terms, she made it clear that he was disbarred from ever entering the guest bathroom. That, of course, precluded him from even seeing the aforementioned hand towels, not to mention actually using them. This discussion took place on Facebook™ and there were several responses to his question. None of the questions seemed to be satisfactory so I decided to do my own research.

                I focused my own study into this age-old question on my bride of almost thirty-two years. We happen to have a guest bathroom on the first floor of our house. I am aware of its existence and (don’t tell her), I have actually used it a time or two. Anyway,..

                I told her about the question on the web and asked her what she thought was behind this old rule. She told me her mother taught her. It seems, she said, that the front bathrooms of all houses are reserved for guests only. She went on to tell me that the hand towels and even the soap that is placed there is never, ever to be used by any residents of the house. This is, apparently, a universal law that has been in place from the dawn of time. It is never to be violated, she told me, and those that do so would here about it in the ever after. I, of course, would not want to do anything to rile the Almighty so I have made it a point to restrain myself from using the soap or hand towels. My wife tells me that the rule does allow the men folk to go into the “guest” bathroom to affect any repairs that may be required but that is all. It is a very strange rule indeed. I asked my wife if there were any other rules that I am unaware of. She did not think so but promised if any came to mind, she would most assuredly inform me. She loves me and does not me to rile the Almighty either.

                She did come back later to tell me that the men folk of all households were expected to keep all of the cars in the household clean and full of gas at all times. How convenient.


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