Calendars, calendars, calendars

                 Good gravy! Not another calendar! I had just gotten my email account set up only to find that my new email host had also given me access to yet another free on-line calendar. So, let me see just exactly how many calendars that are available to me. First, there is the one that I have at my day job. I never use it so don’t know that it counts. Second, there is one on my CRM (customer relationship management) software. It is an older version and, though I still keep most of my contacts there, I do not use the calendar.  Of course, my company owned laptop and my home desktop both have calendars. Wait a minute. Both of them have at least two calendars each and there may be even more lurking on the hard drives.  

                My cell phone has a calendar that syncs with my calendar on my home laptop. It also keeps one of my address books. Well, I also have one on-line service that I have never used. There is one in my personal email account and that one I use because it will send reminders to my cell phone though the two won’t sync. I tried to get my on-line calendar to sync with my desktop calendar so it would sync with my cell phone and therein nirvana would result. No such luck.

                My wife keeps a family calendar on paper. I have to sync my calendar with hers every week or there’s the devil to pay.  All three of my kids have their own calendars but they don’t live with us anymore so I (thankfully) don’t have to sync with them too.

                Then there is my trusty old paper planner. I’ve been using this particular paper planner for years. It gets manually synched with my calendar on my personal email account which syncs with my cell phone. It is a little more work but, having never come to completely trust technology, I take comfort in the feel of paper and its control over my life. It has never been known to fail me except when my handwriting is illegible. My paper calendar is my security blanket.

                Ok, how many calendars is that? I don’t know and, furthermore, I don’t feel like counting. Too many is the easy answer. Now I have yet another one with my new email account. I am determined not to use it. Sheesh, these calendar are about as bad as email addresses. I have more email addresses than I do calendars. I just made a quick list of email addresses and came up with five PLUS the ten that I have with the company owned prospect / lead manager. I have never used any of those ten.

                Sure wish they made a paper email.

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