Oh no! Snow!!

            There is, at this moment, a large snow / ice storm making its way across this fine state. It has left the place with more snow than has been seen in many years along with a covering of ice in such quantity to make driving all but impossible. To hear the media tell it, this is a storm of Biblical proportions.

            According to our ever vigilent media, there exists no other news in the entire world except this storm. One channel had what they called “continuing coverage” of the snow storm and its horrendous impact on the daily lives of the citizens in its destructive path. Why, one station even cut into the national network news show with their own continuing coverage of this disaster and went on a full hour after that with a “special coverage” show. The fine citizens who were treated to this hour long “snow team” special alert on the storm to end all storms were, by now, scared clean out of their wits.

            The folks viewing the local networks were shown map after map after map of this monster snow storm that had now reached a breadth of some 2,000 miles. They had another map showing each county in the state and what level of warning each one was under. Further, in their desire to be the ever so helpful TV news station, they had reporters out in multiple locations to insure that everybody knew how much snow and ice was at every corner of the city. They televised interviews with the Mayor, the Chief of Police, a guy driving a salt truck, and an over the road truck driver. All had the same message: stay home. There were pictures of snow that had been covered with ice (“It’s slippery!” said one reporter) on the south side of town that looked exactly like a pile of snow covered with ice on the north side of town. Viewers were even advised how and what to do to be prepared. This helpful story came only after the weather had turned sour with the result being a mad rush on food and hardware stores by media influenced people. That caused yet another story about people jamming the stores and, gosh, there’s nowhere to park and no food on the shelves. The army of reporters had whipped up a crisis!

            Viewers were reminded time and time again that whatever station they were viewing was the absolute and total expert on this weather calamity and they should stay tuned at all times for the most up to date news on this raging storm that was wreaking havoc on the countryside.

            Listening to the news media, one would think there had never been a snow storm and ice was only now a recent invention. I wonder what they will do when the sun comes out?


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