Our office

                 The little room in our house that serves as the family office is in a perpetual state of disarray. Just two weeks ago, we spent the better part of two hours sorting through papers and files that had accumulated and hung around the place like an unwelcome relative.  The hour or so after that herculean task was spent shredding those ancient files. All that work and the room looked no better than before the task had been started. Even now, the place looks like a college dorm after an all nighter.

                In one corner is a video camera mounted on a tripod. It’s been there for at least a month in an attempt to learn to make videos and use them on the computer. It is a safe bet it will yet be there a month from now. Right next to it on the floor is a tangle of cables that goes with the beast. Not all of them belong to the video camera. We are not sure where they go or how they got there.

                There are two bookcases in the room stuffed beyond their limits with books of all sizes and shapes. The books in the office are, of course, the “scholarly” ones. You know, how-to books, Bible studies, technical books on gardening, and dictionaries. The fun books are kept in another room. No reason for the books to intermingle. No telling what might happen.  The other bookshelf in the room has an assortment of kid’s books that are only used when actual kids are here. Being as how we are empty nesters and we see our granddaughter only sporadically, this collection gathers dust. Threats to remove them and put them in the attic  have been rebuffed by the matriarch of the house who insists that they stay where they are. There are some things one does to keep “peace in the valley.”

                The centerpiece of the office is a large mound of papers, notebooks, bill files, wires, and who knows what all. There is a rumor that under this mass of rubble is a desk. We know it to be true as we once saw it. There’s also a computer there and that we can see. There are papers on this desk that date back at least thirty years. We have decided that we cannot be bothered with the stacks and stacks of papers and files so we are going to leave it to our kids to clean up after we are gone. We call it a little revenge for all the times they did not clean their rooms. Serves them right.

                The rest of the room contains a stack of books destined for the used book store (someday), an old VCR console, a stack of outdated CD’s, and, off in the far corner, a cat box. Fitting isn’t it?

                All the work cleaning, sorting, and shredding did not improve our office one bit it seems. Out in the garage is a four drawer file cabinet. It is stuffed to the limits. We are not sure that we want to know what’s in it. There might even be a copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls deep inside for all we know. And we don’t want to know. Let the kids deal with it.


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