A study in creativity

                It seems there was a study done at some point in the past about the effect of sleep on creativity. If memory serves, this particular study advanced the opinion that the mind is at its most creative in the middle of one’s sleep or just upon waking. If, as the study seemed to suggest, one could wake up at, say, 3:00AM or thereabouts, the mind could be harnessed to levels of creativity unknown during waking hours. I think the mind has, by that hour, forgotten all of the abuses it was subjected to the previous day and was just now able to think about stuff other than how it will pay its bills and thus ward of the debtors.

                I have found that the mind is capable of amazing things at 3:00 AM. Why, just the other day I woke up at that hour and found my mental processes in an unrelenting fit of creativity. It seems I had been dreaming just before waking. I had been giving a speech before a large crowd that continued on even after I woke up. My mind had reached such a lofty and heavenly level of creativity that I myself was stunned at my own intelligence and eloquence.  Before this imaginary venue of learned folk, I pronounced the ultimate and final cure for cancer, opined on the elimination of poverty on earth, and solved the energy crisis for all time. The crowd could only stand in hushed reverence as my creative mind went even further in a successful attempt to explain how and why womankind thinks the way they do. Before the sheer power of my 3AM mind, the vast problems of society were solved. Never before had anybody heard such advanced intelligence and profound logic come from one mind. I concluded my oratory by pronouncing that I would be publishing my vast findings on the internet so that the entire world could benefit from this new found level of creativity. It goes without saying that all of this profundity was advanced with the greatest of humility.

                The original report that I mentioned at the outset of this article offered the suggestion that one should sleep with paper and pencil nearby so as to jot down the stunning ideas of the mind when they are fresh. I did not feel the need to follow this suggestion as I knew that I could remember even the most minute detail. I lay in my bed and thought briefly about getting up and finding paper and pencil. The decision against it was made as I did not want to leave the adoration of the crowd and break this streak of grand creativity. Besides, a mind as creative as mine can certainly remember the speech I had given that night.

                The morning came and I wanted to make note of my eloquence. I cannot remember how I cured cancer, eliminated poverty, or solved the energy crisis. Only the Almighty Himself knows how women think and He is not telling. The sum total of the creative genius that I can make available on the internet is before you in this article.


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