Not again?

                I moved here in the spring of 1992. Shortly after my arrival, I went to a little bank branch and opened a checking and savings account. I have had those accounts ever since and have used that particular branch almost exclusively.

                Some years ago, (I don’t rightly recall when), the bank that operated that branch sold out to another bank. I remember at the time wondering if any of the employees would be replaced or moved. I don’t recall that any were and it seems the transition was pretty seamless. Oh, there was a minor issue getting my website access to work and remembering the new name but it was a pretty simple affair. I don’t recall it being a big deal or anything. The new owners seemed a respectable bunch and I never feared that my money (such as there was of it) would get mysteriously moved to some unknown offshore island. I have, in short gotten pretty comfortable with it and with the people that work there, past and present. However;

                I stopped by the other day to make a deposit and discovered that the bank has been sold yet again. It will, (so I am told), be a great fit for this bank and its new owners as there will be more products to offer and I will still have my branch and the people that work there. For some reason, I was not immediately re-assured. I can’t really say why either. I guess it is a case of being comfortable with something and hoping that at least one thing in my life will stay the same. This has been my branch for nineteen years now and I want it to be my branch for at least nineteen more.

               My own story: I worked for a truck company in the mid 90’s. It moved its operations from West Virginia to Indianapolis. The move turned out to be less than wise, and, almost twelve months to the day, the owners sold it to a company in Missouri. The employees had little, if any, warning. The majority of the employees were let go and a  few (me included) were kept on for a month or two as they transitioned to another state. So far as I can recall, not a single employee was kept on by the new owners. It was a tough time for a lot of people and a lot of families.

With that in mind, here is my message to the new owners;

                We don’t know one another from a sack of potatoes but I know and remember most of the people that have worked and who currently work at that branch. They are my friends and they are important to me. Make the transition easy for me as a customer but make it easier for them. They are good people. But I bet you already know that. Treat them well and you will never lose customers like me. They take care of me. Please take care of them.


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