Come to Jesus

                 Here is a list of stories that I relate only to document that I have enjoyed a life long relationship with The Almighty. He has been more than patient with me as the following accounts of my many “come to Jesus “meetings will attest. I can tell you from personal experience that God is a patient God. I am profoundly glad of that. Read on.

                • There was the first time that I got hold of some “Strawberry Hill” wine. I think I was in the ninth grade. I won’t tell this story because I don’t remember much beyond throwing up all over my dog (a large St. Bernard) and the “come to Jesus” meeting I had with my father the following morning.

                • Then there was the time I got caught smoking in school. That was another come to Jesus meeting only this time it involved the principal, my father, and a large portrait of George Washington. The principal we had back then always had the wayward student lean on a table and stare at a picture of our first president as he applied the “board of education.” I got to know the father of our country very well.

                • I swiped a bunch of small metal toy cars once from a gift shop and my mom caught me. That resulted in another come to Jesus meeting as I had to take them back to the store and confess my crime to the store’s owner.

                • I had an argument with my sister one night with the result being I locked her out of the house. In her zeal to get back in and strangle me, she put her fist through a pain glass window. I forgot the number of stitches she got that night but I can tell you I had a meeting with my Dad, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God Himself.

                • Right smack in the middle of 7th grade shop class at _______ Junior High School in Amarillo, Texas, I blurted out the “d” word for the entire world to hear. My shop teacher escorted me to the Vice Principal’s office and to yet another come to Jesus meeting and along with some further consultations with Mr. Washington.

                I am on extremely close terms with the Almighty. Good thing for me


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