A rant

                I have noticed that there are some things kids just don’t do anymore. Back in my day in the Texas Panhandle we did stuff you wouldn’t hear of today. Stuff like…

                Drink out of a garden hose. Kids nowadays have to have Siberian iceberg filtered fresh spring water in a recycled plastic “green” bottle. Back then, we didn’t think anything about grabbing up a water hose at somebody’s house and taking a good long swig of Amarillo city water. I didn’t die from it either.

                Stay gone. Shoot, on Saturday morning, we would be out the door and gone from “see “to “can’t see” and sometimes longer than that. My parents never gave it a second thought. There were a few times I came back bloodied up or bit by something. As long as I wasn’t dead, they were ok. Nowadays, kids have so many activities scheduled for them; they don’t have time to “get gone.”

                Kids don’t seem to play pick up games anymore either. We had our own baseball diamond in the back field next to the haunted house. We built the backstop ourselves and everything. We had pick up games back then where there would be twenty guys in the field. It didn’t matter to anybody either. If we got cut up or otherwise hurt, you just kept playing unless, of course, you were dead.

                Do dumb stuff. I think they still do dumb stuff but we did different dumb stuff back then. There was a time when we all decided to go to the Toot n’ Totum (this was the same as a 7-eleven. We usually called it the phart and fetchum) to get an RC Cola™ and a Moon Pie™ . I didn’t have any money this particular day (I never did come to think of it) so I figured I could get a five finger discount on the Moon Pie and mooch a swig or two of RC Cola off Gary. Well, I stuffed the Moon Pie in my pants and headed out into the hot August Texas sun. What I did not know was that the wrapper it was in had opened up.  In the heat, all that chocolate and marshmallow goo came out in my pants. By the time I got it out, it looked like I had done a ”number two” right then and there. I never heard the end of it.

                Do really dumb stuff. Stuff like chase a girl (or a bunch of them) with a jug full of snakes (the venomous manner of which we did not know) or toss a salamander on a girl.  Worse yet, let yourself get caught smoking cigarettes that you stole from Mr. Russell’s grocery store.  Even WORSE than that…

                Wait. I’m not telling that story.

2 thoughts on “A rant

  1. I loved dumb stuff. Like going down the hill on your bike too fast or hopping off a swing in the dirt. Drinking from the hose was just normal. I believe we have insulated children in an effort to keep them safe, and taken away what it is to be a child. Love this post Scott.

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