Rex was one of the kids I grew up with. Rex looked like a Rex. He was a tall boy for his age and skinny as a rail. He had a shock of fire engine bright red hair. That red hair must’ve been part of a solar panel as Rex had more energy than anybody else in the neighborhood. All that energy had to go somewhere and that somewhere was a lot of hare-brained ideas that almost always got him and / or us into trouble.

                One time, Rex got the idea that he was going to be an egg farmer. Being as how Rex was only ten years old at the time, he did not have a lot of resources and no money. That did not deter ole Rex, no sirree.

                Rex knew enough to know that he had to have some chickens if he wanted to have any eggs to sell. Back in those days on the Texas Panhandle, a body just couldn’t wander over to the nearest farm store and buy a bunch of chicks. First of all, none of us had cars and, even if we did, we’d never find a farm store. Rex decided that he was just going to hatch his own chickens.

                First, he got a couple of quart milk cartons and cut them in half. He filled them with grass from the lawn he had just mowed and set them by the window in his room. Rex figured he would start with four chickens and go from there. With that in mind, he went to his Mom’s kitchen and swiped four eggs. Up to his room he went and nestled his soon to be chicks into their warm nest boxes by the window.  He was so proud of himself. He went to bed that night with dreams of a huge egg operation and all the money he would make.

                Well, Texas in the summer is real hot and his house did not have air conditioning. By the time he got home from school the next day, things did not smell so good in his room. He figured it was just part of the process of hatching chicks and left to go find the fellows.

                By the time he got home for supper, the smell from the eggs had gotten stronger and made its way downstairs. His Mama had thrown the now rotten eggs out and had every window in the house open trying to get rid of the stench.

                We did not see Rex for a week. When he did surface, he was not very willing to talk about the egg project or where he had been the previous seven days. He didn’t like sitting down much either come to think of it. He did have a new project though and this one was (according to him) a surefire hit.

                That is a story for next week.


3 thoughts on “Rex

  1. Happy New Year! What a great story and memory. It brought back a few “ideas” that did not work out well and time spent in mom and dad’s dog house! (No sitting was the only relief!)

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