Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

            I have a son (he is one of three offspring) who, just today, flew himself and his girlfriend from Indianapolis to Seattle, Washington. They left at 6:00 AM or there roundabout. I understand they had a change of planes in Phoenix. It is evening now and I have just received a text message from him informing me of his safe arrival.

            Seattle is where my wife’s family lives and he will be with them some five days. Why is he and the girlfriend in Seattle? I am so glad you asked. It would not matter if you did not. I am going to answer you anyway.

            Our son is in a serious relationship with the girlfriend. Not too long ago, she informed him that it was her dream that her intended beau would propose marriage to her on a mountain. As it is his goal to fill the job vacancy as her beau, he determined that he would fulfill her wish. Seattle was an easy choice for him as the grandparents live there and it is close to Mt. Rainier. I briefly debated his decision to go all the way to Washington State with the argument in favor of Mt. Baldy in northern Indiana. Our romantic son reminded me that a background picture of himself proposing marriage to his young lady could very well include the Michigan City State Penitentiary in the background. I did not see an issue myself but he thought it a poor omen. Seattle it would be. They are there as I write. I am informed that he will pop the question sometime tomorrow or Friday. When you, dear reader, see this the deed will be done and the betrothed couple will be “Back home again in Indiana.”

            Now, here is where the story gets interesting. The two of them have already decided to get married. He has asked her parents for their daughter’s hand, the engagement and wedding rings have been bought (with the kind advice of her mother), and she has bought her dress. They have selected a location for all of the festivities and they have (wisely, I might add) begun pre-marital counseling. All of the necessary activities and decisions have been made. The honeymoon has been booked and the wedding night hotel has been arranged.

            You will, no doubt, make note of the fact that the last official act prior to the pronouncement of man and wife is the proposal. Yes, he has done everything in the exact opposite order.

            I do hope she says yes. (Postscript – she did!)