Where have you been!?

Well, I have been right here. Not exactly here, but close by. My day job has kept me busy and we had a death in our family. That, plus I now write three columns for three different papers in my neck of the woods. I am getting back to this website at long last and hope to put something up here once a week. In hone of that, I am pasting just below, the first column to be published in the Center Grove IKON.  Enjoy.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Sunday has been family day in our house since I don’t know how long. There is this idea in my head that Sunday is the day I get to be with my family and enjoy the fruits of my labor, so to speak. The vision of a lazy Sunday with one’s spouse and kids enjoying uninterrupted time to play and just be a family is in the minds of most of us I think. The reality however:

Have you ever noticed that your to-do list never seems to get any attention until Sunday right after Church and before the game or movie? It is as if time had stopped and nothing further would take place in the free world until YOU made some sort of dent in the honey-do list you have been promising to attack all week. Have you ever noticed that the honey-do list from last Sunday morphed into a small book in the weeks’ time since? Last week, the list comprised fixing a leaking faucet, mowing and trimming the yard, fixing a couple of screens that have popped out, and washing both cars. This week, the list has all of that PLUS completely cleaning out the garage so both cars could fit inside and cleaning out the mini-barn.

Now, this would not seem to be too long a list particularly if you have sons at home. I have two and neither of them lives with us anymore. There is nobody here to pawn off, I mean, delegate the jobs to. It is left to me and me alone. Sometimes, I can get the wife involved but not too often. She cooks and I don’t want her to be distracted from THAT job!

This is also the time that nothing works and/or multiple trips to the hardware store become a necessity. I have decided that there is a universal rule that states that any household chore will require not less than three separate trips to the local hardware store. Propriety forbids me from disclosing the number of times I visited our friendly hardware store during my assault on the aforementioned list. I can tell you that they like me a lot there. Maybe a little too much.

I can report to you here and now that I did make a huge dent in the honey-do list. Next Sunday will, no doubt, bring an ever larger and longer list of things to do. Can’t wait for Monday so I can go to work and get a rest.