First Crush

(Been on a little hiatus – I think I’m back). This story is dedicated to every guy who has ever had a grade school crush.

When I was in the fourth grade at Western Plateau Elementary School in Amarillo, Texas, my teacher was Miss Brown. She was a new teacher and, as far as I knew, the year I was in her class was her very first year in the classroom.

She was as pretty a gal as my nine-year old self  had ever seen!  Folks, the first time I saw her and she smiled at me I came near on to wetting my pants for embarrassment. I did! I couldn’t hardly talk around her. About all I could do was just sit and stare at those big brown eyes surrounded by those rosy cheeks and chestnut hair. When she did speak to me, I was sure I’d died and gone to heaven.

I would dream about Miss Brown at night and stare at her all day. She could’ve asked me to fight a bear and I’d a done it. You know, I think a couple of nights I may have even studied my homework. (Don’t tell anybody)!

One day right after Christmas, she was gone. We had a substitute teacher. Nobody said where she got off to except that she would be gone a couple of weeks. It was the longest two weeks of my life. I was as miserable as a body could be waiting on my dear Miss Brown to come back.

When she did come back, she had a different name. She’d done gotten herself hitched. I was crushed beyond words. Even now, some fifty years later, I twitch at the pain of that memory. In a split second, my hopes and dreams were crushed. It would be twelve-plus years before I met another woman that would have that kind of affect on me and I had the good sense to marry her before somebody else did.