The Election

Yes, I know. It has been a long time since I posted anything here and this is not a story typical for this blog. It is, however, from my heart’s deep concern for my country.

This is election year. As is normal (or so it seems to have become), the rhetoric is loud and shallow.I am already tired of the shenanigans, sophomoric antics, and silliness. Now…I want to think this process through and make sure I have done all the necessary due diligence so that  my vote is cast in a manner that will allow me to sleep at night. No easy feat.

The long  and short of the election is choosing the “right” person and that choice (in my humble opinion) has to be made based on character.Regardless of the office, be it Dog Catcher or President, we the people are, in the end, responsible for our collective votes and the results of that choice. The character of the person who seeks our vote must be of such standard that we can cast our vote in the full knowledge that the winner will carry out the affairs of office with the highest skill and integrity. Ah! INTEGRITY.

Integrity. That is the final and absolute ingredient needed to earn our votes and trust. If you cannot say in your heart of hearts that a particular seeker of elected office is a person of the highest integrity, YOU have the sacred responsibility to NOT vote for that person. To do otherwise, well, an examination of history shows the results.

Nuff said….



2 thoughts on “The Election

  1. Ditto Scott,
    The decision of how to cast our vote will be HUGE! I hope and pray that this year will go down in history as the largest voter turnout is memory. This election, at all levels, is very important. So I urge all to make your voice heard, VOTE!
    Bill Hammond

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