Free water and hugs!

Being the beautiful day that it was today, the wife and I decided to take a nice stroll along the canal in downtown Indianapolis. Turned out much better than I could have expected.

As we walked, we bumped into and had several great conversations with people we did not know and most likely would never see again. There was the family from St. Louis who we chanced up at the USS Indianapolis memorial. He worked for Ford Motors and enjoyed what he does. The missus was a little pooped and was resting on a bench. When she learned that there was a place to rent paddle boats, she tried her best to get her husband to go rent the boat and bring it back here and pick her up. We left before learning whether he would go get the boat.

Then there was three women, one being VERY pregnant, out for a walk. The one in a family way was clearly uncomfortable, this being her sixth child. I got the impression that she might be past her due date and was hoping this little girl would get a move on. We left her with some encouragement that it would soon be over.

Oh, and there was two women from Germany with whom we had a nice chat. One was living here due to her husband’s job and the other was here on vacation. Having lived in Germany for some eleven years or so, it was a joy to hear the German language and reminiscence with these two about our days in “Deutschland.”

But the height of the day came when we went under one of the bridges that cross the canal. There we chanced upon a group of students (I guessed them to be college age or thereabouts) of about a dozen or so and of various backgrounds handing out free bottles of water. Along with the free bottle of water came free hugs (I took two). I inquired as to the reasoning behind the free water and hugs. The young lady who had given me a bottle of water and double hugs said, and I quote, ” Well, we’ve all had a pretty tough week, haven’t we?” She was, of course, referring to the recent violence across our nation. It was a remarkable gesture of kindness and I said so. I don’t know where they came from or anything about them. They improved the day of so many with their kindness.

Now, why doesn’t the press report stuff like this?