Defending one’s own

My grandson is two years old. He is fortunate and blessed to have very loving parents and devoted grandparents. He is, however, at a distinct disadvantage in his current state of affairs. Let me explain.

When I was a young’un back in Amarillo, Texas, a little fellow’s value amongst the neighborhood boys was measured by the size and number of one’s personal fleet of toy (they were more than mere toys to us) construction, farm implements, race cars, and pickups. The vast majority were built by Tonka™ or Nylint™. They were sturdy models and very much up to the tasks of a bunch of elementary school boys.

The MOST important thing, however, among the varied fleets was a fellow’s ability to defend it. So, while we played ad nauseum with our fleets, the real attention was on the size of one’s Army. That Army ranged from bags and bags of plastic soldiers and their attendant tanks, artillery pieces, and the odd missile or two, all the way up to the GI Joe and his vast equipment to be used for defending one’s fleet that was busy building, farming, racing, and wreaking havoc where and when ever.

My own defense was of a certainty the largest and most lethal force on Hall Street. If memory serves, my defense force consisted of at least three brigades of plastic soldiers (they were bought in bags of 100-250 at TG&Y on Western Avenue) in various permanent attack poses. In addition, there were within my force a battalion of tanks and artillery pieces, both self-propelled and static. I even had an air force of ten or so fighters and one or two bombers.

I did have one bag of civil war soldiers, but they were not much good against anything except one boy who had nothing to defend his too small fleet. It would not be worth anybody’s time to attack him.

So, how does this involve my grandson? He has been gifted with a large and varied fleet of trucks of every type and size. He can with ease tackle and complete any job put before him in the sand box in his backyard. Yes, he has a wonderful and varied fleet.


He has no Army, Navy, Air Force. He has no way to defend his interests. I am at such a loss and concern for the security of his fleet, that I have taken on the task to help him in the building his armed forces. I began this endeavor a couple of days ago thinking it would be an easy task. Thus far, I have been to three large stores that are known to sell any shape or size one could imagine. The result? I cannot find any soldiers, tanks, airplanes, or ships.

What has our nation come to when our sons cannot defend their sandboxes? My son told me I might find them at an on-line site known to have about anything a body could want. I hope there is time before “They” realize he is defenseless. The search goes on.

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