Another reason why I love the Southside

I have a watch that is close to thirty years old, or thereabouts. About a month or so ago, the wristband pin broke. Thinking maybe it was time to give up on the old wrist watch, I dropped it on my dresser, having decided my cell phone could do the duty of keeping me on time.
It did not work. I kept looking at my now empty wrist. Such was the inconvenience of dragging out my cell phone whilst simultaneously looking at my empty wrist that it was decided now was the time to pull the old Timex™ off the shelf and onto its rightful place on my wrist.
The old thing hardly worked anymore. The night light was out and the pin on one side was gone. I would need a new battery and pins for the band. Does anybody even sell this stuff anymore?
I drug the debate around for a month or so then decided to see if I could get the “old thing” fixed. Where could I go? The last time I got a band for it was at a now closed big box store and they were no help at all (which explains why they are out of business, in my opinion). My bride recommended that I go to McGee’s Jewelry on US31 in Greenwood. Well, I thought to myself, that would cost me and arm and a leg.
I left the house with no intention of going to a jeweler and paying twice what I bought the thing for in the first place. I also did not want to go from big box to big box and wind up with nothing.
So, I went to McGee’s and that’s where I met Stephanie. I’ve been there before with my bride but I had never seen Stephanie. I don’t think I have met anyone that could smile as much as she did and be as cheery as she was. She handled my old Timex as if it were a diamond ring. She declared the battery dead and replaced it. She went even further and went through numerous little boxes to find the right pin for the band. She did all this whilst keeping a super cheery conversation going that made my day. I learned that she is born and bred a lifelong Southsider and has been at McGee’s for somewhere in the five year range. On top of all that, I did not pay anywhere near what I thought I would.

McGee’s is lucky to have her.