Annie’s Country Cooking

The wife and I went to Glasgow, Kentucky (population 14,594 in 2016 – I don’t know what it is now) last weekend to meet some friends and enjoy some time together. It was a wonderful time and we decided this would be a great place for future get togethers.

Now, Glasgow is a unique town. It is, in my thinking, a very “southern town.” The downtown area was well maintained and had its own charm befitting many towns its size across the country. I kept looking around with the expectation of spotting Andy and Barney out on patrol in their 61 Ford with maybe Otis in the back seat. I didn’t spot them. They were, I bet, at Gomer’s gas station. Anyway…

On Saturday morning, we decided to eat breakfast out as our B&B was lacking in what one may call a traditional “southern” breakfast (i.e. biscuits and gravy). That’s when we found “Annie’s Country Kitchen.” It’s on Cleveland Avenue in Glasgow. It’s a quaint little place and I fell in love as soon as I saw it. Even more so when the four of us went inside. We were directed toward the counter which was also the kitchen and politely told that the menu was right there on the counter for us to read and order from. We ordered (biscuits and gravy – of course), got our coffees (I got my own mug and filled it with their great coffee all by myself!).

Customers there are considered mature enough to find their own tables and we did just that. The waitress brought our food to us, though we were thought mature enough to get our coffee refills all by oneself. As we ate, there was a steady stream of customers and the atmosphere was very relaxed and down home. Oh! I forgot to tell you, I struck up a conversation with a fellow while in line to order. He was a lifelong Glasgow resident and was, I think he said, a retiree from Ford. Nice fellow and I enjoyed talking with him. Rats! I did not get his name. Anyway,

You know, I met Annie too! We did not talk long as she was very busy. I told her that I thought her little place was unique and I enjoyed the visit as much as I enjoyed the biscuits and gravy.

So, if you get down to Glasgow anytime, be sure to drop in at Annie’s Country Cooking. Oh! By the way, they have “Catfish Fridays” there too. I bet its great.

Tell Annie Scott sent you too.


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