One Sheet

Scott Harrison Emmett

Speaker – Storyteller

Born with ADHD in the days before it had been heard of, Scott tells of boundless energy put to use on the plains of the Texas Panhandle and throughout an almost twenty-two year career in the US Army and twenty years in the car business.

Scott’s story is one of a lightning fast wit, faith, humor, trials and troubles, love, and the “tender mercies” of the US Army. Scott won the Indiana State Fair Liar’s Contest in 2013 and has written several columns for The Southside Times and The Franklin Township Informer. Many of these columns are featured on his website, Also featured on his website are his wonderfully told stories, including:

  • Life on the Texas Panhandle (Video coming – I promise!!)
  • Overcoming adversity
  • History’s lessons
  • The best you have (aka, You owe me)
  • Raising patriots
  • Servant Leadership


Scott’s stories are captivating for adults and seniors who have lived through similar periods in their lives.  They are also inspiring to junior- and senior high school students who believe their lives to be in a rough patch or even a dead-end road.


I love your sense of humor! Keep the world laughing and it will be a better place! Carol T. Helping Hands for Freedom.

You have a knack for captivating an audience! Greg M. Crossroad Engineers

Born Yankee, raised Texan, and Hoosier by the grace of God, Scott Emmett has lived in eleven states and one foreign country. Scott graduated from the University of Maryland and The State University of New York at Albany. He is married to the former Karen Jean Landgraf of Seattle, Washington, with whom he has three grown children and two grandchildren..

After a tumultuous childhood, Scott dropped out of high school at 17 and joined the Army. He wound up spending just under 22 years on active duty, half of which was spent overseas. He has lived a fulfilling and productive (and some would say, hilarious) adult life despite his troubling youth.

Scott would love to speak to your group. His fees are reasonable – call or email him with the details of your event.


CELL PHONE:    (317) 371-7457


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