The Main Thing

It has often been said “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Having said that, one must then ask just what is the main thing?

Everybody that’s ever been and ever will be have one thing in common. We are all sinners. Can’t escape it and can’t deny it. Adam and Eve put us in this position a long time ago. What’s so bad about that, you ask? Read on.

Our Creator, The Lord God, is a Holy God. He is completely and totally Holy and Righteous in every way. Because He is Holy, He cannot tolerate sin. It’s like there is a huge chasm between us and Him. You and I cannot cross it no matter what. So, how does one cross that bridge?

God is a Holy God and He is also a loving God. He loves us so much that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die on our behalf. Jesus paid the penalty for sin for all of us. Because of what He did, we can be in the presence of God. To do that, though, there is one thing required of you and I:

First, recognize that you are a sinner. Second, confess that fact to God in prayer and ask Him to save you from condemnation through Jesus Christ. Third, REJOICE!! Your name is now in the Book of Life and you will spend eternity in the presence of God Himself! As they say, “It don’t get no better than that!

I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit guides you into eternal life.

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