The Mistresses of Sales

There is nobody on the planet that can sell anything like a nine-year old girl. Case in point: Not long ago, the wife and I stopped in at a local grocery store to get something or other. At the entrance to the store stood a couple of tables stacked high with Girl Scout™ cookies. There were a couple of adults stationed behind the table, one would assume for security purposes. In strategic spots all around the front of the tables and just inside the entrances stood a small army of little girls whose sole purpose was to sell their cookies to any and everybody. Of particular interest to them was those who appeared to be grandparents. I didn’t stand a chance.

I managed to get into the store without buying anything. It was getting out again that proved to be my undoing. You see, these cute little Girl Scouts knew the exit would be more profitable for them. I don’t know how they knew. They just did.  They paid me no mind when I came in. When I came back out, there they stood right in my path. “Would you like to buy some cookies?” That cute little face and that imploring sugar-sweet voice reminded me of my own granddaughter. Of a truth, It is constitutionally impossible to say no to one’s granddaughter and I saw her face in the little girl before me. Well, there were two in front of me by this time. Both reminded me of my own nine-year old granddaughter.

It was fortunate for me that they were not equipped to take debit cards and no ATM machines were in sight. I had just five dollars on me and the wife had already slipped out the door (Grandmas are immune to the pleadings of little girls – for the most part at least). After consulting with the little girls as to the best ones to buy, I paid five dollars for a four dollar box of Dos-e-Dos.

Boy, if my granddaughter had been there, I would have bought every cookie on the table.